“We envisage a world where traveling is much easier and more social.

You don’t need to feel like a stranger anywhere you travel to.”

What we do :

We are here to help you discover and book the most amazing tours and local experiences. You don’t have to think about “what to do” anytime you are traveling. Just look out for the experiences which match your interests, reserve it and have a completely fun experience!! You can find anything from a spice markets tour in the lanes of Chandni Chowk in Delhi to a South Indian lunch with a local at his place in Bangalore to a cycle tour in Jaipur which helps you explore the city in a different way.

Our Story :

The idea was born during a ferry ride on the Moscow river when we didnt know the places to visit in Moscow in a short period of time we had at hand and the most economical way to reach there. Finally a friend (we met at a youth forum in Russia) came to our rescue, helped us around and showed us places we wouldnt have visited if we were going just with the maps and guides.

The thought developed once we came back and realized that it would be amazing to have an interface where one could find interesting things(facilitated by locals) to do in town and explore what interests him.