At Padhaaro, we are trying to change the way global travelers explore India!
If you love traveling and want to give a helping hand to this revolution, join us

We are building a platform to make a traveler’s experience much more local, informed and safe. We hate packaged travel itineraries where you do not get to experience what the place is really about and we feel the best way to make life-long travel memories is to interact with the locals.

And that’s what we are doing exactly, our local greeters and experts go out of their way to help travelers with the smallest of questions, provide them a native’s view of the city and help them explore the hidden gems. You can also join us a Greeter here.

If this is something that excites you, read on.

Open positions :

CTO/Tech Lead

Who are we are looking for:

-   Someone who is passionate about travel and wants to build the next big thing to change the way people travel

-   Willingness to get hands dirty by coding, prototyping and solving problems as well as scaling up and managing a team of developers

–   Web development: PHP/Python/Ruby, Javascript/Jquery libraries/HTML5, MongoDB,

AND mobile development: iOS (ObjectiveC) and Android (Java)

–   You should have an experience of building a consumer web or mobile application

What to expect:

–   You will get an opportunity to be a part of the founding team, make your own decisions and impact the way product takes shape. Also understand that startup journey is full of highs and lows and you are ready to take it on.

–   We are all about making travel more enriching and hence expect to work on crazy ideas that come in our mind every other day and work on not-so-sexy stuff too.

–   Considerable stocks in the company

How To Apply:

Tell us your story, what you have done so far, why you would like to join us, what excites you, your beliefs. Do not expect a reply from us if you are going to send a simple mail with your CV attached to it. We want to know who you are and if you share the same vision. Send an email to

Graphics and Communication Design Intern


–   Design interactive and eye-catchy creatives and newsletters

–   Design posters and banners for social media outreach

–   Work on UI needs of the website

–   Be creative and come up with quirky media creatives

–   Design Info-graphics based on the data given by us

How To Apply: Send an email to with links to your portfolio/past work

Video Development and Production Intern

Requirements :

–   You are someone who loves to capture all the moments through your camera and love a reel life all the time

–   You have made videos in the past, can think of interesting scripts and understand what people love to watch

How To Apply: Send an email to with references to your past work

Social Media Marketing Intern

Responsibilities: To manage our marketing strategies across various social media and digital channels. We are looking for someone who tweets while he sleeps, thinks about what must be trending on Pinterest at what time and facebook ads intrigue him more than his news feed.

How To Apply: Send an email to with your CV

Content Associate

Responsibilities: To think of amazing ideas which would be useful to someone planning out his India trip. You would also be helping the marketing team with well-thought captions. Bringing our expert experiences to words would also fall under your kitty. We are looking for someone who loves to share his/her story in words.

How To Apply: Send an email to with links to your previous writeups