Traverse through the Arabian Sea to explore the Elephanta Caves

There are three main moments to experience in this trip:

The Great Cave: There are a number of descriptions by travelers over the years which suggest that this was once a magnificent achievement in stone sculpture, though much of it has become damaged partly due to nature and partly due to human actions.

The view of the area: The view from the top of the hill provides a key insight into how and why the city of Bombay became so popular and prosperous. The natural harbor, the mountains shielding it, the calmness of the backwaters, the easy access to the inland through the many estuaries and can be seen clearly. The modern day installations, all of them of critical and strategic importance not just to Bombay but to all of India can also be observed from here.

The islanders: The population of the island is limited to about 1000 inhabitants who live in three hamlets. No tourist is allowed to stay overnight here. However, while visiting the island, for those who like to sit down and talk with people, engaging with these inhabitants can give many a nice, juicy story about life on this island.

What the traveler can get from this experience:

Introduction to Early Indian Art: For those beginning their Indian travel experience in Mumbai, the Gateway of India, the Elephanta Caves is a perfect introduction to early Indian art. The traveler can also gain an insight into Indian mythology and religion.

A good hike: While it is just 30 minutes from the metropolis, the island itself has a hiking trail which may provide the traveler with an option to get the body loosened up for the hard traveling across the country.

  • Tour a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Trace the city’s skyline from atop a hillock
  • Interact with indigenous tribal people
Meeting place
Gateway of India
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
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