Ish Jindal


Passionate about travel and marketplaces. He founded Padhaaro during his college days with a vision to make travel more social and local. He is an engineer by education, this is his second startup and he has a prior experience in consulting. Brilliant at connecting with our greeters and knows all of them personally.


Sameer Guglani

Sameer helps us with things like – strategy / product / sales / marketing / boot strapping / plumbing & what ever else is required to make the startup kick ass. He blogs at You can also stalk him on twitter @guglanisam.

Nandini Hirianniah

Serial entrepreneur with 12+ years of professional experience, Nandini has been a part of various media and technology startups. Nandini campaigns for the end customer and her core expertise is product design. She blogs at You can follow her on twitter @nandinih.